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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What information is available through Recipe ShowCase?
A1: Recipe ShowCase allows the user to view recipe and menu ideas on Branded and Private Label Foodservice products in the PROFILE® product information database.
Q2: Who provides the recipe and menu ideas found in Recipe ShowCase?
A2: Foodservice product manufacturers, promotional boards, and other product promotional organizations may provide recipe information for Recipe ShowCase.
Q3: Is there a fee to add recipe and menu ideas to Recipe ShowCase?
A3: Yes. Organizations that add recipes to Recipe ShowCase are asked to pay a small fee to support the infrastructure required to make the information accessible to Internet and Client software users.
Q4: Is there a fee for viewing the information in Recipe ShowCase?
A4: No. Anyone may view the information in Recipe ShowCase for free.
Q5: Is it easy to find information found in Recipe ShowCase?
A5: Yes. There are a number of fast, easy ways to find information in Recipe ShowCase. A user may search for recipes based on a product's manufacturer, the recipe name, the main recipe ingredient, the preparation method, and the menu section.

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