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About This Site

Recipe ShowCase is dedicated to providing valuable recipe and menu ideas to the foodservice community. The recipes found on this website are provided by foodservice manufacturers and contain their suggestions for new and exciting ways to prepare their products. Visitors to this site may find recipes by ingredient, by the recipe preparation method, by the time of day the recipe would be served, and more. Enhancements to this site are planned that will enable more sophisticated search techniques, and additional multi media capabilities. As we continue to improve this site, we welcome your comments and suggestions on new features or services. Please contact us. Your feedback is truly appreciated.

Recipe Pro

If you are a foodservice manufacturer, or promotional board, and you would like to add your recipes to Recipe ShowCase, there is software available to help you. Recipe Pro is a database software application that helps you to build your recipes using ingredients you enter, and ingredients from a Market Basket of common foodservice items. For more information, click here.

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